Two DVd-RW drvies burn at the same time?

Can RNM 4.5 or Nero 6 record to two drives at the same time? Do they have to be the same drive with same firmware or can I use a NEC 2500A with my 107? Cheers.

Nero can do up to 4 drives at once I’ve never used the other so I can’t say. It is recommended to have the exact same drives, firmware, media to burn to multiple drives although I never had a problem burning to a liteon 812 and a Pioneer 107 at the same time.

wouldnt the different write statigies cause a problem, ie a 2500A is switching to 6x at the same time a pioneer is switching to 8x?

But it can be done, the writers dont have to be the same?

It worked for me. Try it. I ended up getting rid of the 812 and got another 107 then swapped out all three 107’s for a 712A and a 712SA and couldn’t be happier

Errm just thought. I have a writer and reader on the same IDE cable. If I use both to rip two dvds at the same time They speed suffers and they rip collectively at a speed of 8x. If I put two devices on the same IDE cable, wont the Burn speed be limited to a collective 8x too?

you shouldn’t put two burners that you want to use at the same time on the same channel. That’s just bad MoJo