Two Dvd rewriters in one do i burn at same time

how do i burn 2 disc at same time?

i have
nec 2500a
nec 3520a


You cannot since you have two physically different drives. You must use two of the same drive with the same firmware.

hmmmm thats not true, you can burn 2 disks at same time just fine using nero. tick the box use multiple recorders, select a speed that suits both disks in both drives then just go for it. This is burning 2 identical disks. If you want to start 2 instances of nero and burn 2 separate dvds you should burn them from different hard disks in the computer, otherwise the data rate from 1 harddisk is not fast enough for 2 separate burns.

@ktl why not try this before offering your worldly wisdom…


Can you point me to where the use multiple recorders button is? I know I’ve seen it before but am having trouble finding it…


It’s much better NOT to use Nero’s multiple recorder option (available only on retail versions) unless you have identical drives. With 2 different drives, one will be in a constant state of buffer under-run due to the fact that they do not burn at the same speeds. This is asking for problems.

You can always burn from 2 separate instances of Nero, but this will place a huge burdon on your HD, and most HD’s will not exceed 4x speed on 2 concurrent burns. (again, constant under-runs) So, it may be faster to burn each disc alone. Sometimes, depending on the HD, you can get away with staggering 2 8x burns, so that the second one starts in the middle of the 1st. This makes the total data rate lower, as both drives will not be at 8x at the same time.

What makes you think I haven’t tried? How do you know I didn’t try using my internal NEC 3500 and Benq 1620 drives? Though I may have jumped the gun a bit quick without offering my experiences, but there’s no need for your backlash. I was happy with your explanation, but if it makes you feel smarter and better by degrading others, all power to you, rookie.

nuggetreggae: You’re outta line… Matter of fact: “Way Outta Line”:
With that said I have done two at once using Alcohol and two diffferent drives. The results were kinda OK but not satisfactory as to what I expect for what goes in my inventory…