Two DVD drives not reading DVDs


About a year ago my Matshita DVD player stopped reading all kinds of discs. I replaced this with a Lite-On 165h drive which has worked fine until recently. This drive now no longer reads DVDs and games(but audio discs still work) and only works on the windows 2000 side on my dualboot pc. The other OS is XP Pro and this blue screen of deaths before it loads.

The Lite-On drive name has changed since it stopped working correctly. It now identifies itself as a ‘LITMON (D^D-ROM(L\D-1>5X(3)’ which is pretty screwed up.

I thought it might be currupt firmware so i tried an update. No luck.

I then decided to try flashing my old Matshita drive with the latest bios to see if i could make that work again. The flash worked successfully but now it only reads one of the DVDs i have here :\ audio and game discs still aren’t readable.

Can anyone help me with this? i’d like at least to get the Lite-On drive to work, but any ideas to fix the Matshita would be welcome :slight_smile:

Think both drives are better off in the bin?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Just a thought with your older DVD drive,(the first one you mentioned at least appeared to be recognised in your device manager), have you tried a CD/DVD cleaner kit?

You might be lucky with the older drive in that it might just be a dirty laser lens if you can still play audio CD’s, but are having trouble with playing DVD’s.

Just a suggestion!:slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I’ve got a lens cleaner now so i’ll give that a go :slight_smile:

I managed to flash my newer drive with a firmware version which is supposed to change the name of the drive in device manager. This new name is garbled too and when windows xp recongnised it, it tried to install a driver and then told me it couldnt :\