Two DVB cards in one PC



I am very much a newbie to the question of PC satellite reception, so please excuse me if I have inadvertently repeated any questions previously aired on this forum.

I am currently planning a project to build a HTPC with PVR functions for my TV room. In terms of satellite reception, I currently have two receivers connected to two different satellite dishes. The first dish provides FTA channels from Hotbird and the second is for my subscription to Showtime Arabia (I am in Dubai, UAE). I believe that Showtime is on Nilesat and is Irdeto encrypted.

I have two sets of issues I hope you can help me with: Firstly, I would like to install two DVB cards in the HTPC and therefore be able to watch both satellite’s channels using one software package. I would also like to be able to record a channel whilst watching another (whether on the same or on a different satellite). Can a program like ProgDVB handle two cards at the same time? Also will I need to have mutiple LNBs on each of the satellites in order to handle the viewing/recording issue mentioned above? Would you recommend the Starsat 2 and Starsat 1 CI for such a setup? Finally, do I need a two-card setup or can my aims be achieved with a single card?

The second set of issues refers to the two receivers which will be left over if my HTPC project works. I would like to install them in the bedroom and be able to use them there. Is there a way I can achieve this and be able to watch different channels at the same time in the two locations? If the HTPC is already using to channels on the same satellite (recording one and viewing another), how would that affect viewing in the bedroom?

Again I apologise if some of this is old news. I would even happily pay for good advice on this issue offline as I have found it impossible(!) to get good technical advice here in Dubai.

Thanks in advance for your help.


To record one sat channel and view another one at the same time, you would need 2 dvb-s cards. Of course this can be done with 1 card, but only if the channels are on the SAME transponder on the SAME satellite position!

To achieve what you want, you should have a look at the LinVDR project. Never heard that another HTPC software can handle that…

To be able to receive more than 2 channels from a SAT-postition, you would need Quad or Quattro LNBs. Then, in case of Quattro-LNBs, you would need also a Mulitswitch and in case of Quad-LNBs some 2-1 DiSecQ switches.



Thanks a lot for the information. Once I get cracking on the project, I’ll let you know how it goes!