Two drives to have BENQ 1620 A and plextor 712 UF?

I had bought a plextor 712 a internal drive that i sold yesterday to my friend.
I need one internal drive and one external drive.
I am thinking of BENQ1620A as internal drive and

are these good choices?
thanks for help.

The BenQ DW1620 is a very good choice for an internal DVD burner. I don’t know much about the Plextor 712 UF. Maybe you can check the Plextor forum regarding that drive.

is benq 1620 very hard to install? as internal burner?
should I make it master?
i have a samsung cdrom on master.
will i need that?
may be i should make benq1620 as master and it will also read cdrom correct?
then i can just get rid of cdrom. correct?

how many internal burners can I add on one computer?
also how much memory will I need for benq1620?

You could always buy 2 1620’s. Have one internal and put one of them in a good external enclosure like a Plumax.

There are a lot of users here on the forums who have this setup and are very happy with it. You can’t really go wrong with BenQ 1620"s.:smiley:

BTW, I would make the internal 1620 master if possible.

The BenQ DW1620 is very easy to install as an internal burner; it’s no different from any other internal CD or DVD drive in that regards. I have mine set to slave, but others have said that setting it to master works better for them. I guess I would install it as master just in case, and set your Samsung CD-ROM to slave. Why get rid of your Samsung if it’s working properly? Use the Samsung for all of your CD reading needs and save the wear and tear on your BenQ DW1620.

Normally, there are two IDE channels on a motherboard allow two IDE devices per each channel (a total of 4 IDE devices). If you have an IDE hard drive conected to one of your motherboard’s IDE channels/ports, that leaves you with three optical drives that you can install. But, this isn’t always the case. Some of the newer motherboards can accept SATA hard disks. If you have a SATA hard drive connected to the Sata controller, then you can have up to four IDE optical drives connected to the motherboard’s two IDE channels (2 IDE drives on each channel/port).

Regarding memory, that’s very OS (operating system) dependent. But for DVD burning, I wouldn’t go with less than 512 MBs. You can get away with less memory depending again on your OS. If you can afford at least 512 MBs, you’ll be happier. That’s just my opinion anyhow. The actual amount of RAM listed by BenQ for the DW1620 is 128 MBs. But, your system will be slow with that amount of memory. Get the most (and the fastest) RAM your system will take and that you can afford. :slight_smile:

Jimmyplexed you should know how to install a DVD drive by now with all the drives you have bought. If not I’m sure your friend with the exact same computer and drives that you have would show you how.
You have said :confused:
I know now how to install an internal dvd burner.

My freind recently bought this drive.
can anyone tell me what this brand is -
Mad Dog 16x - Model MD16XDVD9EXT

My friend just bought a plextor 708 UF 2.

My friend bought this plextor 716. and it was trouble

hey guys My friend bought NEC for 62 dollars and he used it only one day. now he wants to sell it to me for $45 dollars

Hmm. I have friend who has plextor 712-UF. he has 2.4 ghz pentium 4, 256 ram and windows XP.

senator maximus. I have gotten my nec 3500 oem drive today

had bought a plextor 712 a internal drive that i sold yesterday to my friend.

I bought NEC ND 3500A for the total cost of $62.05 after

I bought plextor 712UF an hour ago.

great you spend some time on me. but friend i hav etwo computers and i sold out my nec 3500 and plextor 712 a. i never did like nec 3500 with all the firmwares so i got rid of that one. and i also got rid of plextor drive.
is there a problem if i get benq? I thought there was some other way to install benq. so how does it hurts you if i ask? and you never mention my post swher ei said i returned nec 3500 retail version?
and i never got mad dog? i just asked what brand it actually was?
talk about misleading…people

We should be asking you questions about your likes and dislikes as many DVDRW’s that you have bought. Do you like any of them you’ve tried? Which one would you sugest for someone to buy?

i only bought nec oem and plextor 712a.
nec sucks with its firmwares and crap. plextor is good.
now is how is benq1620? i am reading its bad for cd-rw writing? anyone tried it for cd -rw?

To be honest i’ve burnt 1 cd and it plays fine. I’ve never had a coaster burning a Fujifilm TY02,Verbatim 8x,Verbatim16x,Ritek (ricohjpnr01) 4x, or Teon CMC MAG E01. Very good burner. Reading is slow and accurate. Burnt 200+ dvd’s now with mine. Both my of NEC’s 2510(sold) and 3500(Maddog) burn great. But there are alot of lemons out there as with any made in Taiwan, Korean, China, Japan, Malaysia… etc…Not very good quality control at all. I’ve been through 4 BenQ’s, 2 Plextors, and 3 NEC’s to have 3 working burners. These are my experiences. See many of the same in ALL of the forums here. Just look around… there’s no forum here that has 100% satisfaction with any burner :eek: Good luck on your burner purchasing quest.

Jimmyplexed …I have told you how to install a DVD drive on your Dell, you have said that you have installed a drive before. Why keep asking if you know how? If your NEC wasn’t a defective drive from the factory and you wern’t happy with it I doubt that you will like a Benq. They are both great drives. As of now I like my NEC (Mad Dog) better than the Benq, because it burns CMC mag AE1 -R discs that play better on the 301 disc Sony stand alone player better than the Benq. I only have about 20 more of those disc and then I will start using the Benq a little more.
You will have to upgrade the firmware on the benq also to get the most out of it.If you don’t know what you are doing when doing firmware upgrades you can toast your drive. You may need to get some one to do that for you, maybe your friend if he knows what he is doing.

I was just asking with the intent to know if I should put benq as master or slave. thats all. one thing strange is this - i bought this computer from someone and this computer has no audio(sound) card. so i have no audio cable. and no speakers. still my plextor made good backup copies of movies. of course with the sound present. how is that possible? without a sound card on my computer?

LMaO! you don’t need a sound card if the motherboard has built in sound on it…jimmyplexed are you just making your rounds in forum sites…you’ve posted questions that were answered in the plextor forum and was told by mod gamefreek to stop asking the same questions over and over and to do a search in the forum and read the FAQ threads…

sorry peeps but this jimmyplexed will ask questions over and over get answers but then either won’t take the suggestions or ask again…it will get tiredsome… :rolleyes: :wink:

motherboard has no built in sound in it. lmao lol

maybe you’re imagining the sound, turn off the computer and if you can still hear it then is to the looney bin for you!!! :smiley:

Ok back to the topic.

I am thinking of BENQ1620A as internal drive and

are these good choices?

Yes that’s a good choice, although 712UF is costly IMO.


If what G_Ivan Awfulitch said about you is true, then please don’t waste our time here in the BenQ forum; or in any other forum for that matter. I answered your question about setting up a BenQ DW1620 as either slave or master. Most people have had better luck with setting it as a master device. I have two of them setup as slaves and they work fine for me. I advise you to try setting it as master first as that seems to have less problems. Beyond this, please post other hardware questions in the general hardware forum. Lastly, only post serious questions that you really need help with. Be considerate of others time and effort.