Two Drives, only one works, please help me

I bought my computer almost 2 years ago and it came with a CD Burner with a DVD Player Combo. I bought a DVD Burner a year later and installed it, however when I plugged both in in the back, my machine wouldn’t start. So I only had one working after awhile and never bothered with the DVD Burner because I got a notebook a couple months later. Anyhow I recovered my computer and plugged both drivers back in and the computer turned on just fine. But not the computer doesn’t recognize that there is another driver, it just keeps giving me the LITE-ON COMBO. How do I make it recognize the other driver, it came with no CD or anything and i’m trying to burn and image right now, somebody please help

Driver is not DRIVE.

Jumper the drives correctly, then try again.

I’m really confused, I have honestly no idea what you’re talking about, and thats bad for my part cuz i’ve been using computers for so long

Set the burner jumper to master and use the end plug on the cable, the combo jumper to slave and use the other connection, then power up.

Driver - drive

Thank you very much, those diagrams helped VERY MUCH. I fixed the problem. It seems as though the top drive had the central thing on it and the bottom had master. So I set the top one to master and bottom slave. That fixed everything, thank you very much again!