Two disk, shrink, clean adds and join as one

I’ve split recorded a movie with adds on two DVD’s so I could keep the quality by putting less than two hours on each disk.

I cleaned the adds on the first part with shrink and went to load the second disk and lost the first one I had cleaned the adds off.

How do I save what I did with the first disk in shrink, so I can clean the second disk and than join them to record as one movie? I’ve used shrink before putting two parts of a movie together and burned,but I didn’t have to save because I didn’t have to clean just clicked backup once I got the two disk on one with shrink. Hope you can understand what I just said.

Forever Ain’t so long anymore

Thanks for reply Mr. Belvedere: Late on my reply ,but had a family crisis. After I read how, I felt a little foolish for asking. It’s so easy when you know how! I think I had a mental block.

That happen to everone once in a while it is not related to mental block.