Two burners out?



Hello from France ! here are some problems about 2 NEC 3540 , impossible to reach 16 X speed , the buffer fall down to 7 / 13 % and the drives become brutally slow !The burners have same failure speed , one with original Fw and the other with liggy and dee Fw , both are master on ide 1 and ide 2 , microsoft ide driver ( not N’vidia ) .Latest I change all my hardware , Epox 8rda+ , XP-M 2600 , soc. A ----> Epox 8kda3 I , Sempron 2800 64 bits , soc. 754 , the problems are still here , what the matter with these burners ?
I have two Liteon 1673 , one Philips 1640 , always burning at full speed whith great results !I try two burn directly on my system disc ( Wd Raptor 36 Go ) and the speed fail down like my additionnal cards ( Rocket raid 1542 , Promise ultra 133 ) , it’ s not the cards .It 's my firsts NEC , they drive me crazy ! :a
Maybe they are sick , anyone who can help ?


Hi France, from Belgium :bigsmile:

Did you buy the two drives at the same time, at the same shop? From your post, it seems both are actually, as you put it, “sick”… you seem to already know your stuff, I don’t see what could be tried that you don’t already have… well, maybe someone else will have an idea.

Like many other users here, I have no problem to burn @16X with my own 3540A, even though it’s now connected as slave. It’s the most trouble-free DVD drive I’ve installed and used as yet (had a Benq 1620, now a Pioneer 109 and this 3540A).

My opinion: take them back to the shop and complaint. Your drives should write @16X, period. :slight_smile:


before you waste your time back to the store try the following

using nero cd/dvd speed from the nero toolkit and run the following tests then post the screenprints

  1. burst rate if less than 25MB/s it is your system not the drive
  2. create disc save the result with the floppy icon in the top right
  3. transfer rate

with this info we can tell you what is going on