Two broken 3520 drives in less than a week

first of i want to say to all of you since im new here.

now to my problem. i bought a 3520 drive for about a week ago since my old msi burner wasnt working too well. so i had to see if the nec would read my old bulkpaq discs that the msi wouldnt, and of course it read them without and problem at all, so i was all happy about that. a little later the same day i burnt a few discs (eproformance dvd-r discs with prodiscF01 dye) flawlessly, but when i later tried to read the discs then the burner would only read the first 2.5-3.0gb of the disc and then just spin down and refuse to read more, no matter what i did. nor did it read the bulkpaq discs it did before, nor regular dvd movies, all the same. and with nero cd/dvd speed it happened the same, it read to about 2.5gb and then spun down with the error message “no additional sense information”. so i, of course tried a few other firmwares, but there was no difference at all, nor if i connected the burner to my promise pci-ide controller.
therefore i thought that the burner was broken and had it replaced, but the new 3520 i got did the exact same, after one burnt disc it wouldnt read any discs at all. so im quite confused and therefore i wanted to see if anyone of u guys might have an explanation to why this happened?

btw, i forgot to say that my old msi dr4a reads the eproformance discs written with the 3520 burner without any problems at all



Sounds like Crap Media IMO-

Try some good stuff like Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell and I am sure that your problem will be solved-


well, what i did say was that there wasnt any real problem with the dvd-r media, but the problem was that after burning one disc then the burner wouldnt read ANY discs at all completely through. not the ones i just burnt, not older discs ive burnt nor regular movies. so it cant be a media problem. unless my discs destroyed the whole burner which sounds a bit extreme.

take mikes advice and get some decent media, bulkcrap are useless junk and i would imagine eproformence arent much better.

crap in = crap out

ive already said that it doesnt matter what media i use since the drive WONT read ANY media at all now. and if those eproformance discs destroyed the whole burner then nec need to fix issues like that, since crap media shouldnt be able to destroy a burner completely

You guys have to quit it with the crap media stuff, ProdiscF01 is decent media. ANY and I mean ANY dvd burning drive should read it without a doubt. Now maybe some picky normal dvd drives won’t but it would be few and far between. I use the cheapest damn disc’s I can find for movies, I mean these are cheap ass disc’s. I have had the dye run on several. Even the ones that the dye ran on still play on normal dvd drives (much to my amazement) and read flawlessly on my nec-3500ag . Mined you these cheap disc’s are no good for xbox backups which I buy top notch media for.

3520 is known for poor reading, mine also fails to read beyond 70% on any media that it burned itself.

Cheap media = Junk media!

BulkPaq isn’t the great for media, I have to agree with BigMike. If it’s failing to read from the 3 gigabyte mark on that is probably about the point in the disc the PI and PIF’s went through the roof and made a coaster. If you’d do a disc quality test of these discs in a BenQ or Plextor you’d probably see a huge spike at this point and thus this media would be garbage. Isn’t worth it to pick up some good Made In Japan Fuji’s or order some Ritek media online to test the drive? At least use the most compatible media you can buy to test a new drive with so you can determine the drive is working correctly then any other problems you have comes down to bad media from that point if those discs work…