Two BenQ 1625 with same error message

I’m trying to get a handle on my skipping and pausing QC issues with burning DVD’s. So I set out to run some scan tests with Nero CD-DVD Speed. I couldn’t get my burned DVD’s (MCC 03RG20 burning ISO’s with ImgBurn) to scan with CD-DVD Speed. So I tried to scan a Microsoft game DVD I have. And, using two different BenQ 1625’s I get the same error message “Error Unrecovered Read Error (031100)” and the scan stops.
So using two different drives and a Microsoft DVD I get error messages?
Any ideas?
My end goal is to burn DVD’s for my photography business and be relatively sure that they are playing OK for my clients.
Any help and input will be appreciated. I really need to get a handle on this issue.


Do the DVD’s play OK?

No, sorry, guess I should have said. The DVD’s are skipping and pausing on playback. Getting that problem sorted is what, originally, got me started looking more closely at what and how, etc. I’m spending hours on QC by playing them back on a DVD player, and even then, I’m not sure they aren’t skipping and pausing on another playback.

Have checked your DMA settings etc. and did you scan at 8x speed?

What was your burn speed? What Media? What drive and firmware? Games like it low and slow like BBQ. If it was DMA it would take a week to burn something. Mine don’t work at all in PIO

Again, sorry, I don’t think I’m posting the info very straight - thanks for your help and I’ll try from the start
Here’s the situation. I’m a photographer and a new business model that I’m developing has me producing about 20-30 DVD’s per week that will go to a different set of clients each week.
I am using a slideshow package from ProShowGold to produce an ISO file. I then use ImgBurn. My media is MCC 03RG20. I have two identical BenQ 1625 drives (I started out with Lightscribe disks but now use inkjet printable for labelling) and the firmware is BBIA. My burn speed is 2X which I am setting with ImgBurn.
The problem is that I get numerous skips and pauses. I did 20 DVD’s on Saturday and had about 8 rejects. My QC is to play the DVD on my very new but very cheap DVD player in the living room on my TV. The 8 all had skips or pauses.
One of my concerns stems from the fact that after a pause in the playback, I can “rewind” and play that section again and not get a pause (although I would get a pause soon after that on the same DVD). Makes me wonder if even the DVD’s that played “OK” might not pause or skip when played back on another machine.
I don’t know what a DMA setting is, what it affects, or how to change it.
At the end of the day, I just want reliable, consistent burns that I don’t have to check in real time for problems. Is that achievavle with internal DVD burners?
Again, thanks for your input, etc. I am working hard to get on top of all these issues.


In the old day’s burning 2x was allright but I think you should burning at least at 8x speed.

Burning at 2x maybe responsible for the skipping and if burning at higher speeds does not solve your problems you could change to +R media from MKM with this media code MCC 004.

For checking DMA look at this thread:

I have a 1620 and a 1625. Both of them are very very bad with DVD-R. However with DVD+R they produce very high quality burn, equally as good as my Benq 1640 and Sony 820A, and sometime even exceed. If you absolutely must use DVD-R I suggest you should look for some other burner.

Oops! forgot to read GrrRon post. I totally agree with GrrRon. Only burn with rated speed. And use DVD+R MCC003 or YUDEN T02 at 8X. For MCC004 I burn at 12X.

A 1640 won’t have any problems burning good media at most speeds 8X or below. If you got skips it’s the software using to form the burn. Not everybody using standalone will be able to read. The bit setting needs to be set to ROM. Standlone’s love pressed, they don’t always love pc burned. Please continue your comments :slight_smile:

I don’t think Tom is looking for comments on Benq 1640. He has problem with 1625 burning MCC 03RG20 at 2X. Ron suggest he should burn MCC 03RG20 at rated speed which is 8X, and if it’s still bad switch to DVD+R. Base on my experience burning over 2000 DVD+R, I totally agree with him. If I were Tom, I would switch to DVD+R immediately and yes bitseting should be DVD-ROM for DVD player compatibility. Bitseting I don’t think it has anything to do with skipping or freezing.

On BenQ DW162*/164*/165*, 2x burn speed on DVD-R’s never been right, because these drives burn -R/-RW media at [B]2.4[/B] when 2x write speed is choosed. Old well known bug.

Agree with others; always burn media at it’s rated speed if possible. Slow down one notch if you get bad burns. Avoid burn at lower speed then 4x.

(Sorry [I]somatic[/I], but I had to mention other models also. :bigsmile: )

Hi Pinto,

You said it better than me. And I learn about that 2X thing for other drives too. Thank you.

Thanks all. The DVD+R advice matches my real world experience. Long before I knew of all these problems, I was using some +R’s (don’t know the Manufacturer ID of them) that were Lightscribe enabled - and never had a client complain.
I switched to the -R’s when I decided to inkjet label them.
However, I thought that -R’s were more universally compatible - is that not the case? If I can find some quality -R’s should I not worry about compatiblity?
Thanks for this great insight everyone.


With bitsetting, which the DW 1625 automatically does, +R is recognized as DVD-Rom and is also very compatible. I think you don’t get customers complain about compatibility.

Brilliant! I’m really impressed and pleased with the great advice and information that I’m getting here.
To double check, if I’m reading the bitsetting link correctly, even though I’m burning a +R (which the 1625 likes), through bitsetting, it is being read as a -R (which is more compatible with most playback devices). Have I got it all right?
If so, I’m going to find some quality, ink jet printable, +R DVD’s today and call the issue closed!


Actually, bitsetting will change the booktype from
DVD+R to [B]DVD-ROM[/B] which makes the recorded
disc compatable with a wider range of players.

Ànd that happens “automatically” when I burn a +R in the 1625? Or, do I need to do anything special?
Again, I really appreciate your help. I really feel like I’m getting a handle on this issue that has been plaguing me for several weeks now.


Yes, it does set book type automatically to DVD-Rom.

If you have downloaded and installed Qsuite, you can get it here, you can check how the book type is set on your DW 1625.