Two basic questions about Plextor 716A



Can someone help me with these?
1)Does it support bitsetting with Nero even with DVD+R DL?
2)Is there any other program except Plextools for scanning the quality of the disc(PI/PO,Jitter, etc)? I ask this because i have read that Plextools has some incombatibility problems if installed in the same pc with Nero



Yes. Look here:

No problems here. But then, Nero is alway Nero. :frowning: Uninstall Nero completely, reinstall Nero. That should usually do it.


Haven’t heard of issues with Plextools and Nero but I have read in some posts that Nero and Roxio don’t play well together on the same machine.


I have installed the following software on my computer, no problems whatsoever:

PlexTools Pro
PlexTools Pro XL
Nero 6
RecordNow Max

There are no conflicts between PlexTools and Nero. Nero and Roxio not playing nice together is also something that has been fixed. Earlier versions of Nero and Easy CD Creator could cause conflicts but this is not the case anymore with the latest versions. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Work fine together here:

Plextools (Pro and XL)
Nero 6 / CD-DVD Speed
Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6

plus hundreds programs and 54 running processes. :frowning:


They work fine for me, too. I haven’t seen any conflicts between Nero/Roxio/Plextools at all. If you want to get rid of Roxio’s Drag-to-disc, however, you’ll have to make a small registry edit.