Two basic questions about crossflashing from 109 to A09



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I’m new to the forum, and I’m hoping someone out there can help. I just purchased a DVR-109 (OEM) with FW 1.17. I’d like to crossflash the drive to the A09 FW 1.40 to take advantage of the higher rip speeds. From what I’ve read on this forum, the recommended procedure would be to use DVRupdate to first flash the drive down to A09 FW 1.05, then use the standard Pioneer flash tool to upgrade from there up to A09 FW 1.40.

So my first question is – is it possible instead to simply flash directly with DVRupdate to A09 FW 1.40 (from my existing 109 FW 1.17)…in one quick step? Or is it really necessary to first go down to A09 1.05 before going up to 1.40?

And my second question would be – will DVRupdate only work on Windows 2000 or XP? Or will it also work on Windows ME?

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To flash your drive to a “DVR-109XL”, you will need:

  1. Pioneer DVR-A09XL Kernel.
  2. Pioneer DVR-A09XL Firmware.
  3. Flashing Tool (i.e. DVRFlash, DVRupdate).

And no, you don’t need to flash to 1.05 or any older firmware version in order to crossflash. All you need to flash is a DVR-A09XL kernel file from any firmware version and of course the latest DVR-A09XL firmware file.



You can flash with the 1.40 version directly since it does include a Kernel, I would not recomend using a different version of the kernel and the actual rom (no need to take such risk since the kernel is availlable!)

I do not know about the compatibility of DVRFLASH, I would anser yes if I had a guess to do :slight_smile:


Thanks for your replies. Glad to hear I can do it in one step. I do have both the kernel and ROM files for A09 FW 1.40 so no problem there.

My understanding though is that I must flash with DVRupdate in order to cross over from 109 to A09 firmware (supposedly the standard Pioneer flash tool won’t allow it). So does anyone know if DVRupdate will work on Windows ME? I am a Mac user but have access to a Windows box running ME. Otherwise I would have to go to Kinko’s to flash it on one of their XP machines.


Yah…you might want to read this:


[/b]Don’t go pooching your drive on us man! :cool:


Thanks again to all who responded. I successfully cross-flashed my drive today. Went straight from 109 FW 1.17 to A09 FW 1.40 in one step using DVRUpdate. I connected the drive to a Windows XP machine using an external USB 2.0 to IDE adapter. Worked like a charm! Drive is noticeably quieter now too (doesn’t spin up at full speed unless necessary). Ready now to install it in my Mac and do some testing…but I expect good rip speeds now.


Great link that was above, totally idiot proof, i also did this to get better ripping, even on dvd-/- it gets 12x not just dvd roms, but the info is not accurate in guide about get 16x dvd ripping and 48x cdr burns, cause its still gonna be 12x and 40x


The Kiz:
Does the Quiet Drive function still work when installed in your Mac? The utility is only for PCs, and I’m wondering if when you turn it on with a PC it remains on when the drive is moved to a Mac. I assume the faster rip speeds will aplly the same.

Also: does Kinko’s really let one do tasks like firmware updates on their machines?




When you flash the drive, it is set to “Quiet Mode” by default (without even running the QuietDrive utility). This is the mode I wanted so I never even bothered to run QuietDrive and change it to anything else. And yes, when you put the drive in your Mac, it will remain in that mode.

Kinko’s didn’t work out for me. It seems that all of the Kinko’s in my area had the external USB ports on their PC’s blocked. There was no way to plug in an external case. So I ended up flashing the drive using my neighbor’s Windows XP machine.

As a side note, I have been following the thread on titled “Pioneer 109 Record Times”, and I can confirm I am having similar issues as others. I have a 2002 Quicksilver G4/933 with the Pioneer 109 installed on the internal IDE bus. The firmware of my drive is 1.40 (the latest). With Verbatim 16x media (+R and -R), I am getting burn times of approx 9 minutes with Toast 6.0.9 for a full SL disc at both 16x and 12x speeds (regardless of what the Toast countdown timer shows). However, at 8x I can burn the same image at approx. 6 minutes 50 seconds. I determined the problem to be either the lack of a proper 80-pin IDE cable, and/or the fact that 16x is simply beyond the limit of the optical drive bus in my Mac. This seems to be confirmed by what others are posting, as well as from reports I’ve read on xlr8yourmac. In any case, it does not seem to be caused by not having the latest firmware (since again, my drive is flashed with 1.40). You can read more about it in this thread, which I started.

I would have posted this information on but I am not yet registered there. Hope this helps.


Whle I haven’t made the 1.4 upgade yet, I do have a dual 1G G4, and the 80 pin cable as standard Mac issue. It may be that a G5 is necessary to get the 16X speed. Although some folks on the sight claim they can reach it. But it’s also possible they are merely reporting the Toast prediction and not bothering to time it.


Hi and thanks for this thread. Just what I’m looking for. Can any one direct me to the DVR-A09XL kernel and firmware and instructions on using DVRupdate? Cheers


I have just downloaded the latest v1.5 pioneer firmware. Can I flash my plain old DVR-109 direct to DVR-A09XL using this firmware and kernel with DVRupdate? Thanks.


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I flashed straight from v1.17 to v1.5.

I downloaded v1.5 firmware from here:

DVRupdate from here:

And followed these instructions:,83.0.html

Flashing was smooth. DVRupdate requires no instructions.

Drive info now says my drive is still a DVR-109 but now with v1.5 firmware.

Is it in fact a DVR-109XL now?


The safest way to check is to see if you can use the quiet drive utility exclusively designed for A09.



Unless you flashed to the A09 1.5 firmware, you still only have a 109. There is an A09 1.50 firmware you can download, the Pioneer sites have it. Also you will need to the QuietDrive utility if you want to make the “performance” switch for faster ripping. The default for the A09 is to have the Quiet Drive turned on, but not set to faster ripping.


Is it possible to flash the A08 to the 108 so i can use a bitsetting firmware? I don’t really need to do this as I have a BenQ 1640 for all the bitsetting needs, but was just curious if I could do it for a test and then go back to the original A08 firmware?


It will always say 109! Rip a DVD or do a DL speed check in Nero!



Yea you can flash an A08 to the Piodata 108DX firmware with DVRUpdate to get bitsetting. I recently did it although I havent tried to go back to the original A08 firmware yet. Beware that Piodata fw only goes up to version 1.18, and after corresponding with their tech support, it doesn’t sound like they plan to release any more fw updates for the 108DX.