Two bad burns with V0357 (1008)

Well, I just burned two DVD-Rs (1x-rated PRINCO) on my 1008 with V0357 at 2x, and although the burn completed “successfully,” running Nero CD-DVD Speed’s Scandisk function returns errors.

I’ve burned on this media before (also at 2x) without error, but I’m not sure what firmware level I was at.

If they are 1x-rated burn them at 1x!
Princo is famous for the poor and variable media quality…

I know the PRINCO media is towards the bottom in terms of media quality, but I was curious if anyone else was seeing a decrease in DVD writing quality with the newer firmware.

I recorded another disc at 1x this time, and still ended up with errors on both the file and surface scans.

The exact same media is recording without errors on a Plextor PX-708A at 2x, which is not known for having much tolerance for poor quality media.

I think I’ll flash my 1008 back to 0256 and see how it does.