Two ASPI questions for you ASPI gurus

I know ASPI has been discussed thousands of times, and I just spent two hours reading forum threads on ASPI. I have win2ksp3 and so far every single time I have installed ASPI, any version< I have run into problems, any version includes 4.6. It seems that my conflicts are with windows media player version 7.whatever only after any version of ASPI is installed.
So my question is since no burning programs to my knowledge require ASPI to be installed in win2k to work properly, with the exception of Clony, Scout and cdr identifier, why is it worth installing ASPI?
Second question, since Clony, Scout and cdr identifier need an ASPI layer to work properly, are there any other clony like programs out there that don’t require an ASPI layer?

Wow, no ASPI guru’s in here?

  1. Both discdump and burnatonce (two programs that I regularly use) both require a functioning aspi layer (preferably 4.60) to work. So too does fireburner 1.06.

  2. No idea (since I have 4.60 aspi layer on my system and I’m not removing it just to test).

I have had problems with ASPI 4.7x but never with 4.60. I think there is an update for the media player. I would start there first.
I have SCSI devices so ASPI is used alot. I did try to burn without it on my XP and 200 machines and there is a difference in burn abilities. It is not just for Protection proggies. It helps stabilize the burn process. The only other way to try is the old stand by Format…try again. Good luck.