Two Americans arrested for DVD piracy in China

I just posted the article Two Americans arrested for DVD piracy in China.

The Taipei Times reports that two Americans have been arrested in China. The
arrests were the results of an extensive investigation that was done by both
Chinese and US authorities. The…

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My friend was just in mainland china and HK and he said yes piracy is now a hassle, you have to deal with runners and back alleyways it’s not in the open everywhere but still he came home with a suitcase (that he bought there) full of software and gear. I think China is just playing along till the US runs out of rope (China lends us a lot of money to cover the trade deficit, wars and tax cuts for the top 1% of the top 1%), and at some point we will have built up China to a point where they won’t need us (the U.S.), if you want to know the exact moment the U.S. dies, it will be when the world oil market switches to the Euro from the Dollar, and the entire world dumps the Dollar (currency markets) it will be a bloodbath, and no matter who is the U.S. president at that time we will go to war with someone who has lots of oil. I’m just hoping I’ll be 35 or older when that happens so I won’t get drafted, and I can sit back and enjoy it on TV like most people in the U.S. will. I’ll set my Tivo season pass for WWIII and enjoy :slight_smile:

huh wtf are you talkin about? how did you go from 2 guys getting busted for duping DVDs to … WWIII?:o

Hey Sorti you must have a really old TV set…america is already at war for oil…you know ??..Iraq ??..:X

We (the U.S.) won that war (kinda), and we went to war because Saddam was going to switch to the Euro (for his oil) not WMD. The last time we in (the U.S.) lost a big war was out of fear of China. We are running out of ammo killing Iraqis, we could never make so many bullets to go to war with China. (and in fact I bet we’d try to buy the ammo from China) good thing ammo is easy and low tech to make.

“good thing ammo is easy and low tech to make.”…when someone is shooting at you, you wish (among other things) they were high tech and very hard to make…You know, the greatest human betrayal is for one man to take anothers life…:X

Anyone who brags about their illicit activities is asking to be caugt, imo. @shorti: I agree with you. I think the EU will eventually (sooner than later) because a bigger superpower than the US. After all, how can the US hope to compete with 10’s of countries combined?