Hello everyone. This is the first forum I’ve ever written to so please allow for indiscretions.

First of all, a big thankyou to all moderators and members for their information, experience and time, trying to solve our problems. I’ve learnt such a lot in a short time.

I purchased two 401Ss (ES0G) at the same time, one for me, one for my son. My main reason for this purchase was for storing digital photos, so RW was the way to go. Straight away, I tried the two disks (Ricoh) that came with the drive. Both appeared to burn ok. After several erases, the drive failed to recognise the RW. I tried a Philips(Ricoh)X4 RW with similar results. I’ve tried numerous X2.4 disks and they seem ok at the moment. All the written disks have played in my standalone player (Aiwa).

I then tried the two problem disks in my son’s drive and they were both recognised. They were written to and read back in his drive. My drive would still not recognise them.

My assumption is that my drive must have a calibration problem and not a firmware problem. These drives were purchased at the same time from the same shop so there must be numerous drives around with varying quality. There’s been a lot discussed on the forum about trying certain disks, but to my mind, it would be like searching for the holy grail if your drive is not top notch. Until Lite-On improve their tolerances then we will always have the problems discussed on this forum. Hope I’m not repeating anyone but I have not seen anybody with drives purchased as a pair.

The ultimate test would be to swap your drive for his and see if the problem still exists. Do you both have the same system specs and the same software installed?

Sometimes packet writing software like DirectCD and DLA can cause some RW media to not be detected. It happened to me for both softwares in different systems. I uninstalled them (since I don’t use packet writing anyways) and the problem was gone and I could sue the RW media again.

We both have the same software. I will try changing the drives over when we both have the same opertunity. Until then I will see if it is a software problem and uninstall Direct CD.

I was thinking, if it was a software issue, the drive would not have recognised the disks when they were new or do disks show different properties to the software when they have been written to.