Two 2500's from Newegg-one does bitsetting,one doesnt



I just ordered two 2500’s from Newegg,one black,one beige. The beige actually shows the bitsetting box in Nero on the final burn screen, but the black 2500 in my box wont do it? Both have the official 1.07 firmware from NEC. I tried herries,several versions and mine doesnt change in Nero, why not?
Also do the 2500’s make a low chirp sound when the dvd is accessed,mine seems to be louder than the beige drive,and it makes me paranoid,after giving up my Pioneer 106 for the NEC?

Beige NEC is on a box with
Ecs k7s5a, Athlon xp 1800,Seagate 40gb,XP SP1,set as master
Black NEC is on a box with
Asus p4c800,P42.6ghz,WD 80gb,XP SP1,set as master


You don’t use Nero for bitsetting. use DVDInfoPro.


Im really not concerned with bitsetting right now,I just want to know why one has that checkbox and the other doesnt?


My one-week old Black NEC made that chirping noise whenever a new disc is inserted. I thought it was pretty loud too - but after a week, I don’t notice it anymore. Maybe I got accustomed to it or it sort of worked itself out (maybe a couple of gears inside smoothed out or something).

So far this drive has been a major disappointment. I was burning perfect discs with Imation DVD+Rs (RicohJPNR01) and this disc has already burnt two coasters. And even the discs it completed show horrible read error and kprobe scans.

Don’t know what I am doing wrong, but I am gonna remove the Herrie’s FW and pop in the stock FW and see if it changes things.

And, I do get the checkbox in Nero with Herries 1.07v2b4 FW. Haven’t tried it with any other FW so I don’t know about the rest. But I don’t use the Nero check box, infact I don’t use bitsetting at all. I just but with RecordMAx 4.5 and the disc comes out with book-type set to DVD-ROM, so I am guessing Herrie’s FW is doing that automatically.


Upgrade nero to the latest. It will make a significant difference.


@punkkloser: What are the manufacturing dates of the black and beige drives? Are there any minor model number differences? I’m not talking about the color.


really?? i should get my drive from newegg today (black)

edit: actually i just got it… mine is build date April/2004 w/ 1.06 FW… i’ll check mines

edit: i thought my dvd-r’s would come today also, but it didn’t. so i can’t really check anything (to my knowledge). also, i don’t get any chirping noises… this drive is super quiet! love it!


March 2004 on both FW 1.06
Same version of Nero on both.
I went ahead and RMA’d the black one back to Newegg for the hell of it.
I know all you guys love NEC,this forum convinced me to get the 2500,two of them in fact,
but I still wonder if I should have got the Pioneer 107???


Why 2?

The Pio 107 is also a good drive. See the forum’s firmware releases section (not the DVD section) for the Pioneer hacked firmware discussion. You’ll see that people like the Pio a lot, too.

If it’s worth anything, the Pio actually burns at a decent speed for DVDs (though its CD speed isn’t great). :stuck_out_tongue:


One for my girlfriends comp,and one for mine.
For only $80.00 each,had to buy two