Two _TS folders, used to be none?

Ever since I updated my AnyDVD to v. and CloneDVD to v. I have been getting two folders when I make backups of DVD’s to my hard drive…I get a “AUDIO_TS” and a “VIDEO_TS” folder, where I used to get no folder, just the VTS_ and the VIDEO_ files.


CloneDVD has always made both, Nero recode just makes the files with no folder.

edit: went back and looked at CloveDVD, and realized it has a checkbox if you want to create folders or not. It is on the last page.

Ok, the last page on which section? I do not see it on the Preferences page or any of the Pages under the Clond DVD section. :confused:

When you get to the last page where you decide if you want to burn to DVD, save as ISO, or save to folder.

Hmmmm mine doesn’t show that…if you mean the checkbox “Add Video_TS directory to path”…I think that is what you check if you want to copy the path of the video files to the pop-up directoy.

Ok I tried that Nero program and it still does the same thing…can someonne from Slysoft confirm on if these folders are normal?

Mine has always made these 2 folders. You may have recently noticed them if you don’t have the delete temp video files checkbox marked.

I use the DVD files as the output method and it doesn’t have that box listed there…I guess that box is under the ISO/UDF image setting.

If it is normal, then I shouldn’t worry about it. I guess now that I think about it this all began when I changed out my DVD drive for a newer model. I guess the older model put them all into one directory and for some reason this newer model gives two folders.

Look closer. It is in the output method screen when you select “DVD files” as the output method. It is called “Add VIDEO_TS directory to path”.

As always Olli thanks…that took care of it…I thought that check box just added the “path” to the drop down/pop up window of the list of recently used locations, but it combines the audio and video folders nicely! Thanks again…keep up the great work!!