I have reservations about asking for help at the best of times but, I have scoured the net looking for any information on the pratical applications of TWINPEAK to no avail, so as i take my cap in hand as ask…

is there anyone out there who can educate me in the way to use twinpeak most importantly how to work out the ‘twin sector step’
It is becomming increasingly frustrating.

i’m sure someone can shed some light on this somewhere so take pitty on a relitive newbie and show some guidance


(prior to all the flames comming in, this has been cross posted at CloneCD as well)


did you visit this site??

and read this threat

Originally posted by damiandimitri

did you visit this site??

This site is down…


i just downloaded twinpeaks at the beginning of this week

I just found it here . It’s very slow but it works.