I have reservations about asking for help at the best of times but, I have scoured the net looking for any information on the pratical applications of TWINPEAK to no avail, so as i take my cap in hand as ask…

is there anyone out there who can educate me in the way to use twinpeak most importantly how to work out the ‘twin sector step’
It is becomming increasingly frustrating.

i’m sure someone can shed some light on this somewhere so take pitty on a relitive newbie and show some guidance


Tried reading throught this thread? Copying Unreal Tournament 2003, Hitman 2 and other securom 4.8x protected games.

I have previously red and digested that tutorial…

its wounderfully simple but what i want to know is why the settings of 15,6, and 50 are generally the ones that work…(unfortunatly it doesnt work for me) there must be a theory behind this descision to use the above numbers, what exactly does the twin sector step do?

changing the steps patches in more or less sectors, why?
do these sectors have to mirror sectors on the original, and if so why then does changeing the twin sector step change the position of these on the patched backup?

is there a formula to construct the correct twin sector step for a perticular disc?

i’m sorry to be so annoying but i just need to learn!

as CDfreaks so acuratly state Knowledge is power
but information in knowledge

and we do live in the information age (the freedom of information)

PM blackcheck - but it’s unlikely that he’ll tell.

We generally don’t give out detailed information because of the protectionists that lurk in these forums. From our logs we know that IPs from macrovision visit the site - could be anyone from the company though.

To get a little you have to give a little and to quote spath “you have to know what you’re talking about before asking”

Try using Bushound.


well, thanks for that, this bushound is a wonderful tool.
i think i can understand the reasons for the cagey attitude towards some questions, but usuability questions i think is a different thing all together, i would try the software writer but access to the site is non exsistant for whatever reason,

(in the small Copy protection fraternity that i socialise with there is some discussion that maybe he sold out to the CP companys because his product was good enough to warrant a cash insentive to pull it from general release, but that is pure speculation)

but from what i remember forums to be in the H/C/V groups it was a place to exchange ideas and learn from each other and now i see that moving into CP its a totally different ballgame altogether.

it is somewhat dis-heartening but i should have expected it to a point.

is there a reason that BW / Clone / Alcohol have forums but TwinPeaks doesnt?

but apart from that thank you for the link, it will prove to be very usefull.


Originally posted by MainlyHarmless
is there a reason that BW / Clone / Alcohol have forums but TwinPeaks doesnt?

Yes, because twinpeak is simply a tool (though a very good and effective one) designed to be used in conjunction with clonecd and a .bwa file to enable copies of securom 4.8x protected cds that work on most (not all) devices without emulation to be made.

It has no other purpose and doesn’t warrant a forum of its own separate from the clonecd forum.