Twinpeak will not compile

Alright, I use Borland to TRY to compile Blackcheck’s Twinpeak program, but I’m getting no success and at all, I am getting errors all over, one of them is something about the windows.h command and all that, I know that it is an error on my end, since it seems to be working for other people, so I am trying to get to the bottom of this, by correcting it. What program should I use to compile that has been tested by others? Also, one more thing, does this program at all modify any of the code on the game itself?

the #include <windows.h> line is a call to a c++ library - which may not come standard with borlands compiler. the program doesnt modify any game data. as for which program to use to compile it on, um…g++ works…i think visual c++ works…otherwise, i believe all unix / linux distro’s can compile c++ :wink:

Borland worked fine for me, bcc55 (C++BUILDER COMMAND LINE TOOLS), I had to make two cfg files, and add borland\bin in my path as per readme file. Are you using the same ver as me?

windows.h is in the include directory.

I did have the same problem as you at the start CCDking.

This is the ver Im using.

probably the editing of the path, or adding environment variables…ugh. that screws most people up. thx for helping him out fackor.

Download the compiled version:

I had success with compiling it using the Visual Studio 6 C++ compiler. Perhaps I should have reported this a long time ago.