TwinPeak or not with PX-W4824?


I dont understand what is better or diffrent if i use TwinPeak or not.

I have read the nice philamber tutorial : “CloneCD: Copying SecuROM 4.8x protected games”

I have a PX-W4824, in the alcoholer website a news say here to don’t use TwinPeak with my burner…

The protection is Securom

What is the best way and why ?


that was because the were using a different software.
twinpeak only goes for alcohol and clonecd.
blindwrite has its own methode.

twinpeak enables a stand-alone backup except where a Hide-ATIP feature is required when playing from a burner. A Blindwrite .BWA file is required for patching and they are easily found on the web.

Some ASUS, Toshiba and plex units cannot install a twinpeak backup but they can play it.