Twinpeak - Free tool released that seem to copy SecuROM

I just posted the article Twinpeak - Free tool released that seem to copy SecuROM.

More news from our forum today as last night one of our frequent posters in the Optical Storage Technical Discussions Forum, blackcheck, has posted code that has allowed him to make a backup of…

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That sure didn’t take long. Only a matter of time and it’ll work on most games, assuming this strategy works with other titles. I must say, good choice on making it copy UT2K3.

but you have to compile it yourself! this sucks, I have enough to do with compiling on linux, I don’t want to start compiling on windows now. I hope somebody compiles and releases this tool

I have sent the code too be compiled will hopefully have it ready in the next day or so hell yeah I will test it too the limit. Greets The Diplomat :8 These cigars can’t be good for my health :4 p.s. How does this work? “Just check out the new Blindwrite. It has a tool to measure the disc density”. (would you like too tell me where this tool resides in version 4.2 please)

Any chance i could get a copy of that program when you got it compiled I got no idea how to use C++ :4

The program has to be compiled specificly for each securom release.

I will see what my mate comes up with and then we can all try it. Greets too all The Diplomat :8

My mate who is a top programmer as I have already mentioned compiled this code and sent it via e-mail too me! When you double click on it in windows a window pops up and closes before your eyes:c I lost the file FFS, so I have sent my mate an e-mail too resend me the compiled code. Sorry for that :frowning: Will give you a location too download this file when I get, or if someone else has compiled it then can you please PM on the forum! Greetz too all. The Diploman :8

Interceptor: The code has to be modified to work for UT2003 American Version. The reason the Window comes up and closes is that it’s a command prompt based program. Open up a command prompt and then run it from there. Check Club CDFreaks and look at the thread(s) about TwinPeak.

Awww… just when it was looking like the copy-protection fellas might’ve finally done it… this didn’t even really take that long to beat, huh? sorta takes away the warm feeling i used to get whenever a new scheme was defeated… should’ve had to wait a least a few more months to let the tension really build up, ya know…?

Yeah I found that out Doc so there was no need for me too delete it in the 1st place, been working with MS Dos since v3.3 lol. My mate sent me the file again and I shelled too a dos prompt and ran it from there. Cheers anyway :wink: Anytime anyone posts some code too be compiled which will be helpfull for all, send it too my e-mail and I will get it sorted. Thank god my cousins husband is one of my best mates and a Genius at programming :slight_smile: Greets too all The Diplomat :8 Anyone wanna tell me how too give up these cigars :d lol @ myself :g

How Those any budie able to burn unreal tournament 2003. i burn it and i just whont to make a back up copy. those anybudie :slight_smile: able to help me plaes thanks. any program that works EX: i burn the game it works, when you go to play it loads then it stops and close with the burt copy .