Twinpeak - becomes popular, improved version to come

I just posted the article Twinpeak - becomes popular, improved version to come.

Recently one of our forum experts, blackcheck, has released source code that he has written that is able to make working 1:1 backups from SecuROM protected games WITHOUT emulation. While the…

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Good technology against bad technology! :wink: Intelligent guys against assholes! :d


It works, but I would hardly call it a 1:1 copy. The thing that I liked was that my brother’s old Sony CDRom loads copies even quicker than my 163D. Also, anyone actually tried installing from one of these copies?? I tried it and it took a lot longer than it normally would. Nice one Sony.

It works on Never Winter Nights, too. Nice work blackcheck

It no 1:1 backup indeed, but it’s enough to cause Sony getting a bad headache (I hope)

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not complaining, just clarifying. I hope that Sony wasted lots of $$$.