Twinpeak 0.2 has been released - compiled and with GUI

I just posted the article Twinpeak 0.2 has been released - compiled and with GUI.

Our forum member blackcheck has released a new version of his revolutionary software Twinpeak. His software makes it possible to backup SecuROM new protected games without emulation. The software…

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Fantastic! Now we have a new version. Is it able to copy all the recent vfersions of SecuROM? I hope so. And the GUI will please a lot of people!

Don’t the new versions of BlindWrite and Alcohol 120% already make a backup of the newest Safedisc and Securom without emulation?

Only BlindWrite can copy the newest SecuROM wirhout emulation. But I don’t know which algorithm is the best; This one from Blackcheck or from BlindWrite. I really don’t know, check the forum to get the information!

Nice one dude for this :4 Greetz too all :8