Twin peaks method

Will twinpeaks still work with a litey 52x burner and a toshiba 32x dvd/cd reader? I tried to do a backup of securom new (hman contractss) with plex dvd burner and it was a no go. I installed with original but tried to play with twinpeaks copy and it failed. Is litey any better for twin peaks/clone combo?
also used older version of clone (I about year old or so)

Liteons will install and play a twinpeaks backup - use your litey to backup securom with this method and you’ll have no problems. Plex drives are not good for twinpeaks.

LiteON don’t stick to the MMC standards very well - which is why it’s so tolerant. The TwinPeaks method creates a CD which is not a ‘normal’ CD, but then again, the SecuROM 4.8/5 protection isn’t either.

Plextor drives AFAIK are much less tolerant, but making them more precise.