Twin Peak Method - Couple of Basic Questions

I understand that there is a limitation on what drive you can use the backup on once you have used this method.

  1. Is it limited to the machine itself?
  2. Or is it the burner drive that was used to makeup the backup?
  3. Or is it useable by any identical drive, you can use it on any box with the same drive?
  4. Can it be used by different drives, in the same box, on the same IDE channel? Could I read/write it on my burner, and then play it on my primary reader?
  5. If I read on a regular drive, can I play the backup on that drive?

Anyone know which drive is better for this method, which one should I use to read?

Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD 120
Plextor PX-708A

Is there a drive out now that can beat Securerom 4.8? Is there one that can backup 4.8 without the Twin Peak Method?

PM sent to you about a different thread but covers this.

The answer is that it works on some drives and not others. Thats it. No special circumstances or configurations. Works on some not others.

To beat SecuROM 4.8 try the Plextor Premium + BlindWrite.