Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn - Part II

Are you also a fan of Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn? Good news is the final part of the fourth installment Breaking Dawn Part II on DVD will be released on March 2, 2013. And so far, we’ve solved the protection in region 1 edition. If you already got this dvd of this region, and want to copy or rip it, please download our corresponding dvd copying or ripping software from .

I’ll keep update when we solved other editions. If you have any issue to copying or ripping this dvd, feel free to contact us, then we’ll solve it within one day.:slight_smile:

Thats the movie about Vampires, very scary but a good one. I bet that protection was a tough one but you always are 1 step ahead Moonlight 79 , congrats.:flower:

They’re always ahead of anyone else. :iagree:


:smiley: We like tough protection.

I’m just surprised those folks could tear themselves away from GENERAL HOSPITAL and WWE long enough to fawn over something else.

So far, we’ve solved three editions for region 1, and one edition for region 2.

Just uploaded the decryption file for DVD [B]The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 [/B](rent edition,region 2)

Solved another two editons for region 2