Twilight of the CD? Not if It can be reinvented!

I just posted the article Twilight of the CD? Not if It can be reinvented!.

CD sales have been rapidly dropping the last years, according to the record labels mainly due piracy, but also the introduction of the DVD, the bad economy and the lack of innovation should be…

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It’s not just media format… it’s the price of the music, Clear Channel and the RIAA’s fierce stranglehold over controlling what music is heard, the homogenized, talentless acts putting out bland, uninspiring music and the alienation of fans that are treated as if they are as evil as rapists and murderers for using file sharing apps to discover talent and new tunes that the RIAA’s marketing and focus groups wants to supress. It all has to fucking change. All the new disc formats in the world won’t make shit-1 difference. The system has to change and bend to the will of the consumers who they are supposed to be serving. They need to understand that they have to listen to us and provide us with what we want, not force what they want down our throats at insane prices.

Short of being herded into a music store once a week by government troops to make a purchase under threat of death, not one frigging cent of my money will go into the coffers of any music company… THEY drew the line, THEY stepped over it…:7