Twilight extracting error?




When I try to install a certain game from twilight 40,I get an extraction error code 13.
I know from previous errors code 13,when I keep trying to install the game,at a certain point(various from 5min/3months)the game installs properly.
What can I do about this o solve the problem.

P.s my cd player is just new,and I haven’t had this problem again,until TL40.



I know that code 13 is meaning that the cd-rom isn’t good burned.

at least thats what i’m always getting when a tw will not work.

suggest you get a better copy on a quality recordable


I’am not talking about copy’s or backups of twilight.But I’ve got the twilights on silver and still get this error.



Thats odd?

hmm contact twilight?..nope…damn…get ya self a new set of tw 40…i guess.