Twilight 59'DVD Office XP problem!?

Hi there!
I just can’t make a copy of
Microsoft Office XP plus Pro from TL 59’s DVD !
I keep geting error’s like (file access denied) even tryied with
“xxcopy” software ! :frowning:
Do ya know anything about this problem?
Is it possible to copy it? How?
Or is TL 59’s DVD with currupt files?

Please I appreciate any help!

Antonio Fernandes


I will reply here, because you don’t seem to understand that the Dutch forum is meant for Dutch postings only.

When a post is removed, it should not be posted again, for the removal is generally done because the post is in violation with our rules!

Consider this your first warning.

Can you install the program from dvd ?

When you have a working dvd version you should be able to do so.
Copying the files to HDD and burn it on cd should work fine.

Why do I know ?
I saw a ‘friend’ of mine doing this all on his pc :stuck_out_tongue: