Twilight 50 menu95.exe error

I can’t run menu95 it returns error:-

f:\menu95 is not a valid win 32 application

any ideas? cause I’m about to eat the bastard thing:(

There’s now a special newbie forum for stupid questions like this.

Originally posted by Edward Teach
cause I’m about to eat the bastard thing:(
Good idea because there’s nothing you can do about this error. Your menu.exe is corrupted so you’ll need to get a new menu from someone. You can’t use the menu from the other CD I think because TL has a build-in CD size check and if it’s not the same it will give an error at start-up.

Bad copy IMHO

Yeah Looks like a duff copy - which is what I thought in the first place - I downloaded a menu95 and no joy - since this is the first time I’ve had a twilight disk wasn’t sure - :confused:

G@M3FR3@K & Wilma , you have it wrong… the menu of TL50DVD is fake it’s build by the CBDVD crew to make quick money. It doesn’t have a Size check in it !!!. And if there was such a check then i disable it whitin minutes !. The Only thing you can do is PM me and i will send you the menu or Copy it Trough Blindread 2.03 to you hd and start the menu there !!!