Twilight 45 FIX



Hello copiers,

Here is the Tl 45 fix ;

Great site for the Twilightzzzzone…



Only english here, no dutch, it counts foy you to wilma!!



Who talked about copy protection ??

This will fix the Tl menu, it seems that several games not function whit the menu…

If you want talked about copy protections,
try to copy Tl 35 whit your’e programm !
if it’s so easy…

Greetz, Hans.



This menu (TL 35) must cracked whith the program XPCRYPT otherwise
the copy will not be made, ( exept for Clone cd.)
This is mentioned on TCN ,therefore I want to know what sort of configuration you have and what sort of burning programm you use,
because you never have any problems whit copies…so shared you knowledge whit us !!

The Forum is a learning aspect in my eye’s, so therefore I don’t want to argue in this sense of taste, I wanna learned something from it, I supposed you will agree whit me ?

The best learning process is to argue about something, but it must be in a good sense of taste !

So therefore this message is not an attack on your reply but to learned something from it.

( wooooo this is deep ))

Greetz, Hans.


The best audioripping program is EAC !!
You can found it at:

This program catch every possible bit of audio from Your CD without errors
Please read carefully the instructions.



No hard feelings !


Must I burn the new Menu along with the original files? Cause I’ve done that (using nero) but it didn’t work!


With a onther Tl it was that you needed to put it on your hd. Maybe now this is the same?



First of all,
You must put de whole cd to your hard drive,
en then download the new menu to put the new menu to the TL dir, just overwrite the old menu.
Then burn the TL whit your favorite burning programm to a cd-r



I first done what you said! But it didn’t work?!?! (Don’t know what went wrong!)
Now I just copied both cd’s with CloneCd and they both work!
Only for that one game not! But with the new Menu it does work!
ThanX & C Ya around!