Tweaking windows task manager process priority

Has anyone ever messed with these priority settings to try to get better memory or processor management??

Do you think if I change the “My computer” process priority to above normal or high it would affect system stability like my with my burners or while I burn? I just would like my computer to browse a little faster through windows. It already is fast, but when I up the priority it “listens” better. :bigsmile:

Any input is appreciated

That is the sense behind “process priority”. :wink:

Changing process priority can cause serious instability issues if you assign a too high priority randomly.

Assigning hign priority to a burning software only, leaving operative system processes the correct priority should not cause damages. I already set high priority to Imgburn for example, with no issues :slight_smile:

There should not be any problems if you set up the priority one or maybe two steps. It may make problems if a process priority is set to realtime, the highest.
As far as I know no process / application in windows uses this highest priority and using this setting is not recommendet for applications.

By the way, MSDN says to realtime priority:

[I]Indicates a process that has the highest possible priority. The threads of a real-time priority class process preempt the threads of all other processes, including operating system processes performing important tasks. For example, a real-time process that executes for more than a very brief interval can cause disk caches not to flush or cause the mouse to be unresponsive.[/I]

I’ve kicked WinTV (the Hauppauge PVR display and recording program) up a notch to stop some stuttering it would get once in a while.

Yay, need to be done with almost any of that kind of apps. :wink:

Setting the priority to high for a few things won’t really harm your burn process so don’t be afraid to set a couple processes (ones important to you) to abovenormal or high. Also, another trick you can do with programs that are important to you i.e. internet explorer. if you have a shortcut on your desktop for whatever program you deem important to you or want more attention from the processor, you can right-click the shortcut icon and go into the properties and from there you can enter into the target name: CMD.EXE /C START “” /HIGH before the file path. Click apply, and in most cases it will change the shortcut icon, so you will simply have to click the change icon button and browse through the necessary programs files and change the icon back. Once done click OK twice and now when you execute the progrm from the shortcut it will open a command prompt and initiate the program with high priority. Keep in mind this only starts the program up faster, it does not mean it will run with high priority the whole time it is open, this is where setting the priority in task manager comes into play.

Happy new year everybody!!

This thread is quite old, but I have a question regarding the process priority.

I am running MATLAB for a pattern recognition project. It is in the training phase, so it needs a lot of resources. It is processing images, and for its image it needs around 100 seconds… Long time, but anyway…

In the beginning it used to crash after 10 images (I have more than 1000 images to process in total), then a friend suggested I could change the process priority, cause maybe it is a memory problem…

It seems that he was right! After that the problem was solved! My program executes just fine, without a problem… And I also noticed something else at the task manager… Before the memory usage was increasing rapidly, reaching 200M, and then crashed… Now it’s been running since one day, and not only it has not crashed but the memory usage is around 80M…

My question is, how is this possible? Cause really, I am also worried that maybe my system will be damaged or affected by that… Anyway right now I don’t have an option, as I have a deadline for this project, but I am just wondering what’s the background…

If anyone know the memory usage is affected and even the execution of the program, please inform me!!

Thank you!!