Tweaking ADSL modem

Hi there, are there any good programs available to tweak my PCI ADSL modem, that people could recommend?

Thanks in advance!


You can find all of the information you need at Tweaks : Is your PC configured for broadband?. :wink:

after a few tweak , My connection in Counter-Strike is ± 100ms (before tweak is 150 ms :slight_smile:

My setting
TCP Recieve Windows 31250
WS : No
TS :No
SA : Yes
MTU 1500
TTL 128

I’m on cable and maybe ADSL in a little different,just give it a try :stuck_out_tongue:

restart after modify something…

You can go to Tweak forum @ and search some old post.Maybe it helpful :slight_smile:

DFÜ-Speed is a cool program to optimize your ADSL settings :smiley:
I’m using it myself and I’m very happy with this little program :bigsmile:

Okay, it’s in German :confused: but rather self-explaining and easy to use.