Tweaked with msconfig - now nothing woks - please help

I have had a disaster.
I have xp

Decided to go into msconfig and into start up to try & find what program is constantly running stopping my screen saver from kicking in.
From other advice i have got,to find out what is running and preventing the screen saver from kicking in,i disabled everything in the start up and one by one added them back in to see whats the offender.

Well for starters,i shouldnt have listened or touch what i really dont know about and when i rebooted - sure the screen saver worked but i cant get anything to work and the task bar has gone white with large fonts - looks real weird.
I had a panic and enabled everything in the start up and rebooted - but i cant get anything to work -i dont have printer drivers,no sound,no volume,no dvd player,no email,no virus protector nothing.

My nortens anti-virus tells me that i am disabled - however i cant enable it and i can not unistall it as it tells me it can not unistalled as there is an internal problem.
I went to system restore and there is no time frame that i can go back too,nor is there any history of what i have in device manager - just a blank white screen.
What i thought was minor has turned into a disaster.
Im thinking of reformatting - will that rease my probs and start fresh???:frowning:
By doing this have i turned everything off?
I made sure i went back into start up and left if as i first found it - somehow i dontthink i have.:frowning:
I serious problems here.
please help:doh:

For XP: reboot, holding the ‘F8’ key. Choose ‘Last known good configuration’. If that doesn’t work choose ‘Safe Mode’ and find ‘System Restore’ (usually under Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools) and restore to a date prior to your experiment.