Tweak for better nForce2 memory performance

This has been been floating around the net the past week. Contrary to popular believe, in which lower timing means higher memory performance, raising the tRAS timing of your nForce2 RAM to a high 11 will give better memory performance. Very very strange. More info @ AMDForums.

I’ve yet to see any differnece in memory benchmarks with different timings. With large amounts of RAM, (1024 and up), slower timings are usually necessary for stability anyway, and with larger amounts, slowing the timing might reduce latency and improve performance. Looking at the post you linked, It’s hard to get very excited about the benchmarks. I just use the fastest stable timings. Running the FSB too fast can also decrease memory performance, contrary to popular opinion.

Speaking of memory timing, I’m seeing some funny stuff going on in my system. If my FSB is 166 and I set CAS to 2, CPU-Z will tell me the CAS is 2.0. But if FSB is set to 200 while CAS remains 2, CPU-Z will tell me the CAS is 2.5. Strange.

In my system 11 tRAS is faster not slower plus it’s more stable so why wouldn’t I use it ? I do and it works great :slight_smile:

@Stoner, are your ram times set User Defined or SPD ?

User define man. CPU FSB: 200, FSB/DRAM 1:1, DRAM clock: 200. 2-3-3-11 gives me the best performance. Tried to do 2.4G last night, and the Barton wasn’t having it. I stopped trying after 1.775. Current speed of 2.3G gives me Super PI (1M) in 45s!

I stopped trying after 1.775

My XP2600 would need something like 1.825-1.850 to see 2.4, and it’s too hot in here already.

Guess I’m just satisfied w/ the 470MHz OC. Thought about putting the vCore to max, but what’s the point when I’m cooking the CPU and putting the mobo to risk. I’m not that crazy you know.