I’m not sure where to post this, but:

I’ve been burned tonight by TVShows.ORG (an affiliate of, let me explain.

I found out earlier this evening that I have missed the first 5 episodes of Ghost Hunters season 2. I did a bit torrent search at and found that there weren’t a lot of seeds for season two, so…

I searched google for “download ghost hunters” and an adsense ad came up advertising, “Download your favorite TV shows” linking to I imagined in my mind how amazingly awesome it would be to download my favorite shows… so I signed up and paid around $35.

SOOO, i logged into the members area. The first red flag I noticed was that the site wanted me to download a p2p program… I wondered why a service like this would need a p2p downloader. Then there is a link, BROWSE THROUGH LIBRARY. I clicked on the link and it took me to TORRENTSPY.COM - I WAS JUST CHARGED $35 TO GO BACK TO WHERE I STARTED.

I’ve put together a small site to help others avoid scams like these, check it out at

35$ … for … nothing … =/
sade … but that is 4 real… =/