TVGuide OnScreen?

I own a Sony RDRHX900 with the 160 gig HD and the TVGuide OnScreen. I live in Hamilton Ontario Canada and use Cogeco Cable and lately I haven’t been able to recieve any TVGuide Oncreen Listings and was wondering if anyone else in this area or around the Toronto area might be experiencing the same problem with there recorder?

The problem has been occuring for the past month and a half and All I get is the run around from Cogeco and Sony and you can’t even contact TVGuide OnScreen as they don’t take consumer phone calls.

If anyone has any info I’d love to hear about it thanks.

I’ve found out a few things but it looks like if you own a recorder with TVguide Onscreen or a TV with Guide+ or own any item with Gemstar then shortly your going to be SOL.

It looks like the signal that’s being sent up from the states is going to be cancelled by the Canadian cable companies so I would suggest that [B]if you live in Canada that you not purchase any DVD recorder that has TVguide Oncsreen[/B]