TVersity DVDFAB tags



I think this is a simple problem:confused: Currently streaming DVD backup created w/DVDFab PS3 profile and streaming via TVersity. All video and audio synchs are fine even when streaming to PSP via external internet connection to PS3 via Remote Play.

Problem is: I would like to sort the backups via either “Genre”, “year”, etc. Saw in DVDFab readme folders the xml profiles and it looks like you can modify this so TVersity can sort…But where:confused:

Any suggestions…

Thanks in advance for any response.


Doesn’t work so far or we haven’t been able to work it out.

Use ABCAVI Tag editor in the meantime.


Thanks for the reply. Tried ABCavi; but I’m using H264+aac MP4 for PS3 and not sure how to work around ABCavi to accept MP4 w/o reconverting to avi. For now I’m happy to just get all these things talking and showing:) As a stop gap; will just organize w/folders until I find MP4 tag editor.

Thanks again:bow: