Tv/video mode

I have a Panasonic dvd player recorder DMR-ES20, and a Panasonic tv, working well together for two years now. Last night watched a dvd…then wanted to record a movie on tv. When putting the tv on ‘video’ mode to program it, the screen is black, the picture won’t show. We tried pressing the input buttons but nothing gets it back to picture mode. I’m assuming we accidentally hit a wrong button possibly on the RCA universal remote, yet can’t figure it out.
Any ideas? We can’t watch any dvd’s without getting it to go into video mode now. Thank you.

Restore Default Settings, from the setup menu

But I’m thinking if the screen is totally black, he may not be able to get into the setup menu?
Not to sure about the es-20, but on newer Panny’s holding the CH up and CH down on the main unit, for 10 seconds, will do a complete reset. Note you will need to reprogram all your channels, etc. after you do this, if it works on your unit. But it sure would beat the alternative, black screen…
P.S. can you confirm that the input is working on your TV? Maybe it’s a issue in your TV or cabling? I’d check those before the reset.

Thanks for your help. I was able to access input, but no picture would come, also setup. I’ll copy your replies for future use. My husband came in and hit ‘some button’ on the remote and then there it was. This was after spending an hour last night checking all the buttons. Whatever we did, we undid. I hate not knowing. Appreciate your help.

Yes I have a Panasinic TV but I can’t find s-video and my laptop is connected. But I wan’t S-Video so I can show someone somthing I have a plug and it is connected to the tv. But I still need help I have a DELL and I know windows vista helps the TV screen comeout better but I can’t find the button on my remote or TV I looked in the TV Guide NOTHING.