TV tuner usb



Where can I find good quality and accurate reviews for TV tuner usb devices? I want to record tv shows from my cable connection. My pc runs Windows XP Pro.

I currently have a Tv tuner card but it does not work well.
I don’t want to waste my money.

Thank you for your help.


Go to and search for “usb capture” you can read user reviews for each device.

Here is one that has decent reviews StarTech SVID2USB2 USB to S-Video and Composite Video Capture Cable with Audio


Thank you for your answer. What about digital video?
What would you suggest to use to record digital video?



It is difficult to really find a good tv tunner many have some major flaws, the best one I ever found for my laptop was one made by MSI… but I wanted it for gaming with no lag time, it was fairly dessent but that was a while ago, b4 highdef.