Tv Tuner/Tv Out Help in choosing one?



Hey All, I’m a Newbie :doh:
my situation is this - i have a lot of videoz…tv shows & alike on my pc…i done the whole converting & burning on to DVD…but it just takes so long…for a disc that i may only watch a couple times & then just take up space…
so i want to be able to watch them on my tv & i was hopin someone could suggest some good tv-out hardware…that provides a fairly decent picture & not too expensive…
also curious about tv tuner cards…are they any like kind of external (or internal) cards or boxes that allow u to capture tv onto computer & also allow tv-out ? that’d be nice :slight_smile: my sis has a camcorder that she’d like to put the video from it to the pc & i also got a bunch my my mates tapes i’d love to digitise & burn as dvd’s…any suggestions with this also? once again not lookin to be spendin too much cash…not makin blockbusters just yet
any help would be much appreciated :bow:


Therea are lots of cards that will output to a tv. Any card with a composite out will do it. I have two old 8500’s that do that. IWth the new media center pc’s, I guesse its more of an option… What file format are your videos??? A divx player might suit you well.


Get a video card that offers S-Video out. Most new Nvidia and ATI cards offer this even on the low end, or get one of these Link


Nearly every video card these days has an S-Video out, take a look on the back of your PC, maybe you already have one!

A TV card would be a nice addition to have a complete “media center”, I’m pretty fond of my card from Compro, personally, but I’ve heard they don’t even have a US distributor anymore. I see a lot of recommendations for Hauppauge cards, those are in pretty good supply. None of these are gonna have a TV-Out on them, though, that’s all up to your video card.


Another option would be one of the mulitformat players. You can just burn as data and play the more common formats.