TV-Tuner question

I am interested in getting a tv tuner so I can record shows on my computer.

Can somebody explain to me the technical reason why all the tv tuners connect to the analog “line-in” on the sound card rather than digitizing the sound and sending it over the bus?


Thats because the sound card “digitizes” the sound and sent its over the bus, not your capture card. Your capture card captures VIDEO only, your sound card captures AUDIO only and the software your running gathers these both up to give you a movie file (mpg or AVI or whatever)


I know that is how it works. My question is why?
Why hasn’t any tv-tuner card manufacturer made a card with BOTH video and audio digitizing capabilities? Is there some technical reason that makes that difficult to include on one card or in one chip?


I guess it’s just the money that counts. On a 50-100$ TV-card, companies won’t include features if they aren’t really needed.
99,99% of the people who want to add a TV-card to their PC, have a PC with soundboard (be it onboard or PCI).
Since there’s no synchronisation problem when using a seperate soundcard, there’s no need for them to add a soundchip to the TV-card.

Most professional videocaptureboards feature a soundchip, to make sure that analog audiocapture is possible at 48Khz, 16 bit stereo. Since driver-issues are very common for those thingies, it’s not wise to hassle with seperate soundchips. Those cards cost about 500-1000$, so customers want something for their money.