TV Tuner Question

Hey Folks,
Would be interested in hearing from anyone in Ireland who has connected their basic NTL connection to a PC TV Tuner.
I have recently bought a Medion MD 8800, it contains an Nvidia Geforce 6700 XL (very rare i know!), not quite sure what kind of TV tuner it is (maybe MEDIONs own brand).
Basically the TV tuner has 2xDVB-S, 2xDVB-T & 2xANALOGUE TV/CABLE TV.
I currently only have NTL basic which i insert into the one of the ANALOGUE connections on my TV Tuner using a coaxial cable.
I use a Sony 32" LCD TV as the only dedicated monitor hooked up to the graphics card using a DVI to HDMI cable.
My question is really the quality i recieve on my TV set when i got through the PC TV tuner is alot poorer than if i hook the cable directly into the back of the TV set.
I have tried using PowerCinema & ChrisTV (which is better than PowerCinema for quality)
Does anybody out there have any ideas on to how to improve the picture quality?
Thanks In advance

i believe this is because the tv uses rectanguar pixels, and the computer uses square pixels. If you burn the video onto dvd, or turn your tv into a second monitor, the quality should seem greatly improved.

With no offence, this is pure BS. It is not possible. This medion card can max have 2 dvb-s tuners.

Hey maybe my mistake with the numbers but the TV tuner does supports DVB-T,DVB-S & Analogue.
HaveaCigar, I had used the 32" LCD TV as a second monitor before but there overall result is the same with analogue TV.
The desktop & DVDs quality is fine

I used to have a Medion 8000 pc, and I used the TV tuner in it to capture vhs video and it looked fine. But I never hooked it up to my tv. You should be able to search some of the Medion forums and get info about the tv tuner card.