TV Tuner Card

Can someone please reccomend a good but inexpensive TV Tuner Card?

Check this one out

It contains most TV tuner and capture cards from most merchants… and their prices…

The ones from Hauppauge are very good but a bit expensive, Avermedia is a good and cheap alternative…
I do not recommend Pinnacle cards, Two persons i know had a bad experience with them (ex: video or audio out of sync…)
As for me, I use An 9800 pro ATI all in wonder card…

Tried PixelView, Panasonic, Hauppage, and Kworld all to no satisfaction until finally liked MSI TV @nywhere which is already linked above. All others either crashed my PC or simply hung themselves, and had less options than MSI.

3 flavors of LeadTek TV cards for your choosing. Easily out performs other budget TV cards.

I have two HD PCI TV cards but neither work very well. The programs and drivers are never satifactory.

Yeh I have a Leadtek TV Tuner card, and am quite happy with it.

i had another thread about such thing, compare between Pinnacle PCTV and TerraTec Cinergy…

is there a good/cheap tv tuner with hardware mpeg2 compression?

About any BT878-based card will work smooth (Pinnacle PCTV Pro, Happauge WinTV, Pixelview PlayTV Pro etc) and that’s a fact irregardless of what your own experiences say. The support is great although Connexant CX2388X-based cards like Pixelview PlayTV HD or Leadtek WinFast TV2000 XP Expert provides better image quality. The support for 3rd party apps isn’t as good as for BT878 but it’s fine and most of you will be statisfied.
Forget about MPEG-2 hardware compression, it’s worthless when you have a noisy source.

here is a nice low priced one for ya

does this card have hardware mpeg2 compression? on the same link you gave they say for mpeg2 compression you need at least Pentium 3 at 1GHz, the same what pinnacle software mpeg compression needs… so it seem software compression…

Any capture card that uses BT878 or CX2388X are software cards.