TV Tuner and analog cable signal problem



I’m really getting frustrated over cable company, cause I know I’m right, and whenever technicians comes to my home to see what it is the problem, they looks like they are uninterested in solving this problem.
I own Kworld Global Terminator Philips 7135 on analog cable TV. And this card, even thou it has ugly TVR, picture is perfect. Well, for last year it aint so much.

I’ve tested friends cards on my PC, tested my tuner onto friends PC, and tuner is not the problem. Becuse it works normally (picture normal) on his PC.

Now this is the one of the pic that has same issue on Cartoon Network, MTV and also Discovery, as you can see on pics:

What can be the cause of this?

I have memorized 44 channels (rest are cr4p) and on 12 of them picture is like someone putted a very thin curtain that waves, and it’s a bit noisy.

These stripes at CN and MTV, except Discovery that holds the record, appear and disappear at it’s own will. Sometimes a month passes without a problem, then they appear, then they disappear after few weeks, then they come back. Basically it is randomly.

Any thoughts, and any help is appreciated. Because I need to bash cable company for being neglect.



What it seems like is that it is picking up faint interference from something that is transmitting or is giving off Radio Frequency Interference (RFI.)

One thing you can try doing is a process of elimination the next time these lines appear:

[li]If possible, unplug or fully switch off everything in your house apart from the PC, doing this one socket at a time. Start from around the PC (e.g. printer, scanner, etc.) I’ve seen a laptop power supply cause havoc with TV interference. Some power supplies, especially compatible power supplies such as those typically sold through eBay have poor or no RFI filtering.[/li][li]If your cable connection goes through a surge protector, etc. plug it directly into your PC to rule this out.[/li][li]To rule out something internal in your PC interfering with the tuner card, see if you can borrow your friend’s PC. If the picture shows up fine on the other PC, then it’s likely a component in your PC causing interference.[/li][/ol]

On my last PC, I had intermittent faint zig-zag lines on my terrestrial analogue tuner card and just assumed it was a not a great tuner. Later on, I got a new power supply for the PC after the fan failed in the old PSU and to my surprise, the lines completely disappeared from the TV tuner. So it can be quite surprising what can interfere with a TV tuner.


Yeah, like Sean said, the cause is all too often the PC itself when dealing with analog tuners.


I had an older cordless phone that was causing some interference on my TV. So if you have some of those you might try unplugging all of those & remove the battery. To check if they might be the interference source.


Thanks for responses, but I much tested everything. Even moving PC to another room and testing it on other cable that is plugged onto TV(cable is on separate line). As of today 2 more channels have gone haywire, it looks like I’ve stretched nylon stocking over monitor.


Have you tried connecting a normal TV to the cable feed? If so, is the interference on it too?


Yes, and it’s really faint, you have to look it up. You know that LCD TV has pixelization on analogue signal, like some sort of moving particles? Well, if there was no “pixelization” certainly it would be noticable as it is on PC TV tuner.

But, how come this vertical lines, as I’ve explained above, on MTV and CN (even on Discovery) show up and stay for month or so, and then disappear for another few months? If TV tuner became defected, that would be constant.

And as I said, I’ve tested my TV tuner with whole PC, onto another cable provider at my friends home, and definetly all channels are clear.

And I have ground loop isolator, if anyone asks.

By the way, as of yesterday CN has no more vertical lines. But I know they will show up :slight_smile: