TV Torrents closed down permanently!



I just posted the article TV Torrents closed down permanently!.

DamnedIfIknow used our news submit to tell us that TV Torrents a site
known for allowing the downloading of TV shows via bittorrent has been
closed down permanently.
A message on the…

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Funny. Looks like it’s up right now…

#3 is the site in question. I have to wonder how the studios can sue for something that was broadcast over the air. I guess it’s like the old satellite dish systems. It’s beamed directly at you, but don’t you touch it unless you pay. Why? Because we say so.


The funny thing is it does not stop anyone from downloading anything they want, it just makes them go to the one place that it may be impossible to shut down. I don’t watch much TV but when I do it is always something I downloaded. No commercials. If they would reduce the commercials to 1 minute every 15 minutes I would not mind but that will not happen, so I watch zero.


I prefer watching episodes I downloaded from the Internet over the ones that are shown on the TV for one simple reason: commercials. I can’t stand them. A show that’s only 30 minutes takes 45 minutes to watch completely.


Well it is a shame. If that the case, all of us which videotape show from TV. I guess all of us should be sue for infringment.


Hmmm, well the efnet site is still up and running. I won’t give away the url for that. You can search for it yourself. I still think these registered trackers are the way forward. The powers that be can’t tell what is going on these trackers because they operate behind closed doors.


I think this business about being sued is just an excuse to exploit users into handing over cold hard ca$h. How easy and convincing is it to say that you’re being sued for p2p in today’s world?


Well they will never stop people from downloading the content. They may make it stlightly more difficult to get the torrent, but in the end it can be found. As far as commercials go well anything I record on my new Pioneer DVR is skipped through in the matter of a couple seconds thanks to the commercial skip button. Oh have you heard of the new channel they are going to establish. It’s called commercials on demand. (so you can watch any of those commercials that you’ve missed) :r


And I am still convinced that it isn’t illegal to share stuff that has been shown on public TV … I guess TVTorrents had some rather questionable torrent files from PayTV shows … that made it possible to shut the site down.


Do any of you remember years ago when we paid for cable tv and it was commercial free? Then they slowly added commercials, makes me wonder why we still have to pay for it.


Me too. But this is the main reason the tv companies are trying to prevent this. It’s nothing to do with copyright (you can timeshift it off-air for chrissakes), it’s all about advertising revenue. Hence the bill to make it illegal to ff thru commercials.


In the UK we have to pay a tv “license fee” of (currently) about £110 ($200) per year (and going up again), which is basically a tax for OWNING a tv. This is then used to fund the state-owned and controlled BBC network. It is supposedly commercial-free, but they aren’t a bit behind the door about advertising their own dvd’s, magazines etc. When they release series’ they have produced on dvd/video, they are more expensive than movie releases. And, of course, if you buy them you are just paying again for what you have already paid for through the license fee. I just record them off-air or dl from various torrent sites instead.