TV shows on DVD?

The SIMPSONS seasons are on sale in Canada for boxing day. 13 dollars a season, but should I get it?

Because if I do then there is no more point to watch TV, like now it’s like “The Simpsons is on!”. Then it will be like there will be nothing to look forward to every day. When you possess something it becomes less precious right?

thats something only you can decide. try seeing if your local video store has the first couple seasons for rent and grab a disk from each of the first 2 or 3 seasons. if you like one get that season if not dont get it. for me i like the more seasoned episodes. the first couple seasons imo seemed rather amateurish and still in the testing stage. not what people are used to seeing on primetime nowadays.

buying something you want is like achieving a goal youve always wanted to. just because youve achieved it does that make it meaningless or something to cherish and hold onto?

Not a bad price I remember them being about 35 or so. Yeah you could look at like there is nothing on, because there usually isn’t. On the other hand you can watch at your own convenience. Things becoming less “precious” because you own it is subjective. I wish I owned a few things I parted with in the past they seem priceless now that they are gone.


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