TV show feature on piracy - maybe you see yourself?

I just posted the article TV show feature on piracy - maybe you see yourself ?.

priss was kind enough to use our newssubmit to tell us that the BCC will be featuring a TV show about piracy.

Set this date in your diary!

Next Wednesday at 7:30pm GMT, there will be a TV…

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Let’s all record this show, and make pirate copies of it!

You’ll have trouble. The BBC allows you to record its programs, so they wont be pirate. Great organisation.

I could watch this show but know matter what they say, it will not change my views on the whole issue. I will always believe copying and stealing are two different things. I also will always think copying is fine and not piracy as long as it is for personal use and not done for profit.

I wonder… if you had invented the car… then someone copied it and sold it on would you not complain that this had cost you money? Or if someone had copied it for personal use and then everyone else did the same would you not complain then? Of course you would. And yes it IS theft. Walk into a court of law and plead ignorance… the judge will say “Ignorance is not a defense in law…” and you’ll find yourself done. So don’t kid yourself. If you’re caught you’re classed as a thief!!! End of story. As I’ve said before we all copy but hope we aren’t caught and the reason we do it? Coz it’s there… and it’s obtainable virtually without being traced. :8

What?!? Making a backup copy of a $10 - $50 disc is legal. Programs like 3D Studio Max will send you a new copy provided you are the person that owns the original and can prove it. Making a copy of an automobile is kind of a stupid example since it would cost you a ton of money to make. Games and music CDs are allowed under the law - if you are making the backup for yourself. So then answer me this Augustus: If I own a company - which I do, and I back up the ENTIRE server or make an image of the drive, (NT Server, Oracle, etc) and the server takes a power hit and fries everything, and for shits and giggles, lets just say that the media was misplaced but I still have the manuals, receipts and license(s); would it be considered stealing if I restore all those applications onto a new server so that I can once again use it? By your statement, it is. For personal use with non-sharing it is NOT stealing. It is ONLY considered theft when you hand it out to others for profit or non-profit. Look it up.

I still think copying and stealing are two different things. And the law isn’t always right. The law didn’t allow women to vote at one time and slavery use to be illegial. The law isn’t always right. But in a monetary system copying things causes a loss of money for companies. Which is wrong, I just think it should be called something else. But the question I have that no one will answer is, if we could make copies of food, would you solve world hunger, or file a lawsuit because farmer joe can’t make fat cash anymore? We need to get off money, we need to worry about making the world a better place regardless of if we get paid for it, or not.

I meant slavery use to be legal. Sorry.

If anyone really wants to see this but is outside of the UK, I can capture it and encode to divx :wink: Ooooh, I’m such a pirate! Arrrgh, walk the plank an all that

"I wonder… if you had invented the car… then someone copied it and sold it on would you not complain that this had cost you money? " Actually this does happen. a lot of car manufactirers share ideas. Tehir cars. Also rival car companioes buy the other car companies cars, tear em apart… so there goes ya arguement dude. CRAP! Next. Model T ford? How it was made… M<ass production line. Other companies do the same now. Theft dude… get over it, it happens everywhere. Personal use. You say you everyone does this and its wrong. Okay, lets look at this. Music industry wasnt screaming blue murder when tapes were around, yet everyone was doing it. Now they blame the internet. Why? easy target. Most gimps (I wont use your name Augustus) think the internet is ‘scary’ and thus it can be used. Its an easy way to claim they are loosing money a problem that isnt necessaily the case. Read the facts. Look at the posturing. Look at how companies operate. Make the most money possible out of the equipment (see people/artists/etc) with the limited resources they have. Why not make Political people see it that way too? Makes money? Sweeeet for them… screw everyone else? well who cares when they enjoy the oppulent lifetyle. Your arguement holds no facts or relevance to the REAL world. Just us in it sometime.

"I wonder… if you had invented the car… then someone copied it and sold it on would you not complain that this had cost you money? " you idiot every car company has copied the combustion engine and that amounts to hundreds of present and past manufactures the front wheel drive also known as the east west was invented buy a company called Morris now all manufactures use it in certain models you want to talk about any thing else dopy like the fridge or VCR or DVD players or TVs or the Stove there all copied buy other companies but there basicly the same as the original invention so it is the same as my cloned cd its nearly the same but not quite is it :d

I think Augustus was talking about a 1:1 copy of a car. And TheTarbaby would you not be pissed and lose business if your backups were copied and shared. I know my business would hurt if all my records were being shared.

Obtaining any physical (yes, 0’s and 1’s are physical) object that requires payment without paying for it is stealing. Period. No exceptions.

Well scientists have figured out the basic principals of teleportation and replication. So in a 100 to 200 years, they will have machines that can make exact replicas of any object. So one day, people making replicas of their cars will become a problem. It is a feasible argument.

Oh and ones and zeros aren’t physical. They’re a metaphor or data read off a disk. For example a hardrive has magnetic singnals store on it that are One’s and Zero’s, but a CD has pits. Ram uses electricy. And the cpu determines and one or a zero by which transitor is on, and what singal is going through it. Data mediums all use different singnals to represent ones and zeros. The ones and zeros are not physical, a metaphore. There are not actually ones or zeros anywhere in a computer, just signals that are close enough to one singnal to mean zero, or close enough to another signal to mean one. Whatever it is one the disk that represents the ones and zeros can be physical. But the ones and zeros themselves are just a methaphor for something else.

Hey yeah… I really got you all going there with that copying lark eh? Now, let’s come back at those bozo’s who think that I was talking of two specific things here. First, I was NOT saying that your own copies of your own products or ideas are illegal… they aren’t. Second, the idea of a copy of a car was strictly nuts, bolts, chassis, colour, leather, plastic, rubber etc etc. I know engines and individual odds and bods have been copied but that’s like saying “Oh yeah, that dude copied 3 bars of my last album and deserves to be sorted…”. How the HELL do you prove that? Look, next time you read something just try and understand that the English language has many ways of being interpreted when written down and no two poeple will read the same article or passage in the same way. So, to TheTarbaby: have another read and try to understand this time. I agree with you that copying for personal use is not illegal - shit, why should it be? To lanky and spc, also take another look and try to figure out that I was on about a perfect like for like copy. That is what ‘copy’ means. NOT “Oh I’ll take your car to bits, replicate the engine and I’ll sell a whole new model as a copy of yours…”. Pellinore picked up on that one and chsbiking got the idea so what’s wrong with the rest of you who didn’t? Wake up guys… making a perfect like for like copy of someone else stuff without their permission IS ILLEGAL. Maiking a like for like copy of their stuff WITH permission is NOT illegal. Making a personal copy of something you have bought like a CD should NOT be illegal. End of English lesson number one… :+

To Pellinore: Look at my last paragraph - second sentence from above. To Augustus: This is your second and third paragraphs: " Or if someone had copied it for personal use and then everyone else did the same would you not complain then? Of course you would. And yes it IS theft." To All: Yeah, I would be pissed and financially hurt if I sold software to someone that copied and handed it out for FREE to others. But if they made backups of the software for themselves and didn’t share it, hell they could make a 1000 backups for all I care. A lot of companies also benefit from sharing. A lot of you - like me - have been introduced to software that we never knew existed until we got it from someone else. And that is another possible sale for the companies - provided you’re honest enough to purchase a legal copy. lanky is right with the tapes. hell, anyone with a tape recorder could record a song off the radio and it wasn’t a problem. The music industry is producing crap at the moment. Look how many “pop” bands are coming out and television shows based on it. As long as the world has stupid kids that like to listen to bubble-gum music, the music industry will put more of it out. Yeah, I feel real bad for the shmucks in the music industry that can’t live off the $300 million they get every year, or the artists that are going out and dropping more money on a vehicle that a lot of us will only make in a few years. Sharing music should not be considered stealing. Applications is different. Programmers don’t go on a 50 city tour to make money like recording artists. Now if recording artists never toured and had to live off the money they made from their CDs, then it would be a different story.

Oh dear, oh dear… again the point is missed. But I am not going down that road again although I will say that not all bands tour and some don’t even break even when they do. They do it for the pleasure. So,Tarbaby, you said it yorself in the last of your paragraphs about things being a different story. I don’t know where you get your logic from but I would consider getting it looked at. And I KNOW I’m not perfect. But that’s the great thing about being human and having plonkers to write about like the music industry folkies eh? :4

“And I KNOW I’m not perfect.” quit while ya ahead.